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The story begins in the distant past, in a time before humans became the dominant inhabitants of the world. During this period, the lizardfolk were a widespread and capable people, particularly in the world’s jungles.

In these ancient days, Ssh’rik was the mightiest lizardfolk shaman of the Karrnwood. One day, he received a vision from his deity, Semuanya, directing him to raise a mighty temple. So the shaman taught his people how to cut stone and assemble it into sturdy walls, and together they crafted a temple worthy of their deity. They named the structure the Ziggurat of the Wrathful Sun.


In a recent adventure, Celondir came acrosss a tome regarding the history of the Karrnwood. In particular the story of a lost temple in the forest. He has travelled to the town of Bastion, where he heard of trouble that may be linked to the lost Ziggurat.

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